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Effects of Post-Operative Garment Design on Health Care of Patients with ECG Holter Monitors Study


The purpose of this study was to examine effects of wearing a new Post-Operative Garment, designed withcarrying ECG Holter Monitors on patients’ health care. There are 12 nursing personnel and 18 patients in a hospital in Northern Taiwan were the subjects in this study. Every subject provided feedback in a participated,questionnaire survey and in-depth interview on the effect of Post-Operative Garment. The researchersinvestigated what problems were encountered when wearing and carrying for patients’ designed garmentsand collected ECG data. The findings of this study indicated that the new Post-Operative Garment hadsignificant effects on traditional clothing, based on the satisfaction surveys and patient dignity estimation.More than 88% of the hospitalized patients showed satisfied and preference to the new design. Finally, thestudy confirms that the new Post-Operative Garment help patients in carrying ECG Holter Monitors for 24hours with highly satisfying. In order to take advantage of this new design in better using experience, it’srecommended that hospitals can offer smaller ECG Holter Monitors for patients in future.

Keywords: Post-operative garment, patients’ dignity, ECG Holter Monitor

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