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Exploring Medical Context Information during Radiation Therapy by Visualization System Applied for Medical Personnel

1 Graduate School of Design National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
2 Dept. of Digital Media Design National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
3 Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

During long term treatment, contextual information of patient is often misunderstanding and a very difficult task for medical personnel to collect in order to provide appropriate suggestion, visualization and comparison of multiple patients or status can provide insights just in time. This research will design a Medical-Patient Interactive System for clinical use, by patients undergoing radiotherapy and radiologists and doctors who perform treatment. Then through the using of this interactive system and various records, the clinical process of treatment the patient's response is recorded and analyzed as visual data. Medical personnel can help patients through these dialogues and records the treatment, which is completed stably, and a database can be built for patients to undergoing radiotherapy, and it can also provide valuable patient's response data for medical personnel in the radiotherapy department. In the future, the related research with different types of cancers on possible conditions during the treatment process, besides the patient's response at each stage of the treatment course can be a reliable basis for medical personnel to face patients.

Keywords: Medical-Patient, Information Visualization, Medical-Patient Interactive System, Radiation
Therapy Department, D3.js

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